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The front office lab, which is  the focal point of contact with guests ,and could also be stated as the  Central nerve system,  will  include  a reception desk, EPABX, well decorated lobby, bell desk, lobby manager desk and a lounge area.

In this lab, the students are trained to receive information, billing, guest registration and guest relations. In addition, emphasis is on manners, courtesy, communication skills, social skills, and handling of different types of complex situations. 

Additionally, the RLT front office Lab is designed in such a way to benefit the students by helping them achieve real world high quality professional experience. To this effect, we would like to quote the famous hotelier Mr. E.M. Starlet  that, ‘THE GUEST IS ALWAYS RIGHT’


The housekeeping lab is equipped with the most modern equipments and guest requirements like  medical supplies, adhesives, linens etc required for  emergency needs for our guests.

The House keeping Department of the Hotel Industry stands for one motto–‘Creating a home away from home’. The House keeping Department takes immense pride in maintaining the utmost standards of cleanliness and quality.

The housekeeping department, in any hotel business, contributes the major amount of profit, though it is considered as an ancillary service. The simple reason being, a customer demands a clean, tidy, and pleasing ambience.

RLT housekeeping lab is designed for the students to get a real life experience and provide the best service to the guest.


RLT –IIHM boasts of spacious culinary labs with indigenous and imported culinary tools to supplement the culinary learning. We have specialized vegetable carving labs where the students learn to create art through vegetable carving.

RLT-IIHM has, state of the art and highly sophisticated culinary labs,  that is dedicated to   facilitate specific learning to our students. All our Culinary labs and the supporting areas are designed specifically to explore professional kitchens which are replete with modern and latest equipment for practical learning.

Our Culinary labs, not only provide  demos for real life but also offer expertise in improving cooking abilities and effective handling techniques to every student. To top it off, we also provide a world-class bartending setup for  training of bartenders.


The Food and Beverage Lab is designed in such a way so  that the student  can practice and  visualize  the real-time experience in it.

The Food and Beverage Department (F&B),  is responsible for maintaining the highest quality of food and service, food costing, managing restaurants, bars, etc.  From the total revenue collected in the hotel, about 40% contribution is directly accredited to the F & B Service department.

RLT-IIHM has world class multi-cuisine restaurants for the students to experience and reach those standards. The restaurant comprise of both fine dine and  a fast food facility.  The finest cutlery, crockery and glassware will be utilized.


Modernized classrooms are implemented with the latest innovative  technologies.   Some of which,  are social networking, online teaching, classroom  blogs , podcasting and mobile services and white boards. All the above are beneficial and can be utilized whenever the need arises.

Not only does the modernized classroom environment  improve an individual’s  attention, reduce anxiety, support emotional  and behavioral regulation  it also boosts the morale of the  students. When educators foster a positive learning culture; learners are more likely to acquire higher motivation that leads to wonderful learning outcomes.

RLT –IIHM  has set of 8 classroom  spread over an area of 400 sq ft  fully equipped  with projector, digital boards etc. 


All Libraries are important cornerstones of a healthy community. A library is a curated collection of sources of information and similar resources, selected by experts and made accessible to a defined community for reference, often in a quiet environment conducive to study. A glorious assembly of printed pages that can take us on adventures, educate us, and fill our days and nights with details of worlds beyond our imagination —all free of charge!

When we think “library” we think books. And while that is certainly true, these days,  books take different shapes, such as e-books and audio books. Libraries are places of information, offering people free access to a wealth of information. RLT-IIHM has created a wonderful space of adventure with 250 sq ft to explore those wonders.

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